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Thoughts on Leadership


Leadership: Go global, get lean…

If you’re in management and haven’t read Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish, I suggest you pick up a copy. I’ve enjoyed Tom Peter’s take on management for many years and when he was quoted saying that “Verne is THE guru of fast-growing companies,” it piqued my interest.

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Leadership: Don't Stress Out

Leadership doesn’t exist without stress. Over the past several years, many studies have been conducted that discuss the areas of stress relevant to leadership and how stress impacts the effectiveness of leaders.

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Leadership: Reckless Abandon

Have you ever encountered a reckless leader? Have you ever met a leader who doesn’t
know any other way of leading than to act like an aggressive pit bull? This particular leader
may believe that in order to gain results, she has to only think of herself, her own company or organization and what she wants.

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Leadership: What a 'Guy'

A few years ago, I invited Guy Kawasaki to speak at a conference in Phoenix on behalf of a client. Guy is most recognized for his work at Apple Computer as the guru who evangelized Macintosh in the 80s-a time when the world was dominated by IBM.

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News & Different: Girls-Lead

The Westborough-based Female Leadership Interest Council (FLIC) announced on March 14th that it is partnering with the YMCA of Central Massachusetts to launch a Girls-Lead Program to empower and mentor middle and high school girls to develop strong leadership skills.


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Leadership: Doers & Donors

Over the past month, we’ve heard all about Warren Buffett’s net worth rising to $63 billion, moving his good friend, Bill Gates, into the number three position at $58 billion on the worldwide list of billionaires as ranked by Forbes magazine.


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Leadership: On your mark…

In early November on a quest to seek renewal, I had the privilege of spending four days experiencing the “Power of Possibility” at Canyon Ranch in Lenox in an effort to recharge my batteries and discover innovative ways to live a healthier and more balanced life.


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Be the change... Mentor our future!

One of my favorite inspirational quotes of all time and one that I find riveting every time I read it was delivered to the world by Gandhi. He said, “Be the change you want to see in the world."


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Jack Welsh led with confidence... you can too, by looking within for confidence and vision. Seeing Around Corners

Every time I have the opportunity to hear Jack Welsh speak, I come away with something compelling. Jack’s candid and straightforward leadership style leave no questions with regard to what he believes and the advice he’s giving—there is never any need to read between the lines because he’s one of the most matter-of-fact conversationalists of our time.


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The new face of Female Leadership - Old rules don't apply!

Fortune Magazine’s tribute to the “50 Most Powerful Women” hit the newsstands on October 15th and with a celebration of ten years of looking at the highest-paid female executives and how they measure up to their male counterparts, this particular issue extolled something, in my opinion, that is much more important than how women in high-level management positions rank.


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